Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have been busy as a bee in the garden . Bob has just finish my second raised garden bed. I have already planted some vegatables in bed #1. Today I painted fossy lossy for the garden she has a red dress yellow apron and wears a straw hat. I did more mulching in the front yard . I went to a friend 's and he gave me bachlors buttons and 1 peonie,and 1 bucket of Purple Irish. I am placing them in the memory garden. It is in honor of my mother and my cousin.

I got 3 stainglass windows for the secret garden. Oh ,I am putting up a picture of me at red hats the other night Carolyn my friend took it.

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Rebekah Smith said...


i love your garden shed!:-) creative!:-)

and you're in north carolina? am i!:-) 'bout that!:-)